Tuesday, 26 January 2010


We will have to wait until 2073 to know the truth about the death of Dr David Kelly, the UN weapons inspector who allegedly slit his wrists in the woods near his home, days after being revealed as the source for a BBC report on Blair's "dodgy dossier".

Tom Paine summed up my thoughts exactly:

I have resisted speculating about the death of Dr David Kelly. Largely because I am generally a sceptic when it comes to conspiracy theories. If I ever find myself considering one, I am usually put off by the wild-eyed company in which I find myself. So, I am still not suggesting that anyone in government ordered his murder. I have no evidence to substantiate such an accusation and, to be honest, I don't want to believe such things could happen in my country.

I am racking my brains, however, to conceive of a good alternative explanation as to why all records pertaining to Kelly's death have been sealed for 70 years. What legitimate purpose could such an order possibly serve? I really can't imagine.

If I live to see 2073, I will be in my 90s. If blogging is still allowed, I'll post an update.

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