Thursday, 18 February 2010

£8.6m on green propaganda

Climate change alarmists often invoke the Precautionary Principle: even if the science isn't completely settled, they say, we must act to prevent global warming because of the terrible harm that could come from inaction.

They seldom account for the harm that comes from action.

There are many possible harms, but one of the most odious is the use of taxpayer's money for green propaganda. The TaxPayers' Alliance has exposed how the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has burned through an £8.6 million Climate Challenge Fund "aimed to raise awareness about climate change and encourage certain attitudes and beliefs, such as 'climate change is the result of human behaviour'".

They have links to some of the original videos and games produced through the CCF. Disturbingly, much of the propaganda is aimed at children.

The Rite2no video (available in three parts on YouTube) follows a group of schoolchildren transported to 2020. If you're impatient to see what horrors await us in a decade's time, skip ahead to the 7 minute mark.

Beneath a red sky, down a heat-blurred corridor, the students come to a classroom where a teacher addresses sweltering children, their heads bowed from exhaustion:
"Many of you today have struggled through soaring temperatures and melting tarmacs ... Severe weather warnings are commonplace, our coastal areas are threatened daily by rising sea levels, learning to swim has become compulsory for every child, and sun glasses - which once used to be like a fashion accessory for the rich and famous - they're now a practical necessity for us all."

Dangerous brightening of the sun! Hurricane warnings! Vicious flying insects! I can only hope this film had real-world students roaring with incredulous laughter, but the thought of the wasted millions, the wasted class time, and the cynical government attempts to harness "pester power" should have taxpayers fuming.

The TaxPayers' Alliance have produced a video of their own, with highlights of the Climate Challenge Fund's handiwork:

Hat tip to Mark Wallace at The Devil's Kitchen.

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