Wednesday, 13 October 2010

One year on

One year ago today, I started blogging.

My first substantive piece was a review of The Death of Politics by Karl Hess. According to Google Analytics, it's been read by a grand total of 33 people.

My most popular piece wasn't about politics. I guess it had some good Google fodder.

My most politically incorrect piece was probably this one, or perhaps this, or this.

The most time-consuming piece to produce was my write up of Nick Griffin's appearance on Question Time. Published five months after the event, it's had a grand total of 5 page views, so probably not the most effective use of my time!

I'm very grateful for the few readers who seem to return on a regular basis, and I'm encouraged whenever I see a new location pop up. I've had visits from 40 countries, but the vast majority have been from the UK.

In the UK, there have been visits from 77 cities, but Oxford tops the list, which rather suggests that Google is counting my own visits.

But if it is true that a large chunk of the visits are from me, that's not such a bad thing. I write partly because my thoughts become clearer as I put them in writing (at least to me), and partly so that I'll have a nicely cross-referenced collection of thoughts and links to look back on. What was I thinking in 2009-10? Most of it is here.

Over the course of the year, I've followed a variety of blogs, but a few stand out:
All have offered interesting reading, but it is Tom Paine who I most often agree with, and who provides the greatest inspiration.

I've read a fair bit of Rothbard, and agreed with much of it, but not all. A year ago, I hesitated to call myself a Libertarian. Now I find that that label fits better than any other. My pragmatic side still opts for minarchism, despite the purist appeal of anarcho-capitalism.

I've dabbled in gold and silver, and I even got as far as setting up a BullionVault account, but I haven't yet caught the bug. If I do, I hope it's not too late to benefit.

On the 29th of June, I finally caved in and signed up to Twitter. The 113 tweets so far suggest that I've been wasting far too much time in the Telegraph blogs comments section.

Quite by chance, this is post number 300, so I haven't quite managed a post a day. For the year to come, I will try to put aside my daily rage and produce more posts that I can be proud of, even if that means producing fewer overall. I'll try to read more books — I still haven't found time for The Welfare State We're In, which supplied the title for my third post, much less the classics by Mises and Hayek. And I'll try to avoid repeating myself, even as our enemies explore the limits of proof by repeated assertion.

Thanks again to those who've taken the time to read here, and especially to those who have commented.

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