Saturday, 28 May 2011

Tebbit for PM

Norman Tebbit writes:
The latest figures on immigration are a body blow to the Coalition. Many electors voted Conservative in the belief that David Cameron had the will and strength to cut immigration. It seems that he lacks one or the other, or both.
There is no sign of a repeal or even substantial amendments to NuLab’s grotesque Human Rights and Equality legislation. Ken Clarke’s out of touch and laid back attitude to crime has enraged a far wider constituency than those offended by his careless remarks about rape.
Belatedly, a cap on non-EU migrants was imposed last month, but the Coalition is still trying to bring Turkey into the EEC which would unleash a new uncontrolled wave of immigration. Ministers look on, but do nothing, as the Judiciary blocks the deportation of foreign criminals and blithely puts the interests of foreign law-breakers ahead of those of the law-abiding British. Nor has anything been done to stop the admission of asylum seekers on the grounds that they would be happier here than in their own countries.
Rarely have I seen so much sense from a high-profile politician in a single article.

He concludes:
Lord Ashcroft’s recently published opinion polling shows that after the economy, it is immigration, crime and Europe which are causing supporters (and potential supporters) of the Government most concern. It is a pity that the purveyors of the Big Society do not seem to share the concerns of the big numbers of members of our society.
Brilliantly put.

For understandable reasons, Tebbit has said he has no intention of once more running for high office, but imagine how he could transform the country. It will be very interesting to see how things play out at the next general election. I think I'll be joining the ranks of those who want to see the Conservative Party destroyed, even if it means a short spell of ruinous Labour rule. They just aren't sufficiently different.

I despair. My tweets have been increasingly bitter. I have a massive backlog of stories worth blogging, but I don't know where to begin. My latest comment on Lord Tebbit's blog sums it up:

Hanlon's Razor is generally a good rule, but I really struggle to believe that government policies on the EU and immigration are cock-ups rather than conspiracy.

Do they really believe that Turkey's accession, and the ensuing migration, will make Europe a better place? Are they careless of the demographic challenges our democracies already face? What do they want Britain to look like in 50 years' time?

I'd love to believe that our leaders' actions follow some cunning plan that serves Britain's long term interests, despite not seeming to. But it is just too far-fetched.

Nor can I honestly believe that they are ignorant of the consequences of their actions.

So what is their endgame? Is the destruction of Britain really essential to the interests of our political class? Could they not enrich themselves in a less damaging manner? What do they know that we don't?

Tinfoil hats are not my style, but I'm genuinely baffled, as well as enraged. And I'm baffled that more people aren't enraged!
It is tempting to withdraw. To ignore politics, and focus all my energy on personal survival. To accumulate enough money, and enough citizenships, to give my family a chance of a decent life as Britain falls apart. But what a shame to let such a beautiful country, with so many redeeming features, go to hell.

I must try harder, one way or the other.

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