Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Here, for the record, are five "pension facts for parents", according to the National Union of Teachers:

Teachers and other public sector workers are being asked to pay more for their pensions, work longer and get less in retirement.


Many private sector workers have no proper pension provision. The Government should be acting on this, not attacking public sector pensions.


Cutting public sector pensions will just make more pensioners poorer and put the cost of supporting them on to the State and taxpayer.


Damaging teachers’ pensions will lead to more teacher shortages and turnover, which will in turn damage children’s education.


The teachers’ pension scheme is affordable. Reports from the National Audit Office and the House of Commons’ Public Accounts Committee show that the cost of teachers’ pensions is falling as planned.
I haven't yet found time to read their 16-page Fair Pensions for All pamphlet, but you have to wonder what planet they're on. Ignorant, disingenuous, or a bit of both?

I was also able to get a copy of this letter sent to NUT members in West Berkshire:

They're keen to maximise the disruption:
DO NOT tell your head teacher who is going to be on strike. This is because tactics have changed and we no longer need to encourage head teachers to support us. If a Head cannot be certain who will or will not turn up for work they can't easily keep the school open.
Disgraceful behaviour, but just what you'd expect from unions. They seem to think that the education system exists to serve them, rather than students and parents.

The sooner education is re-privatised, the better!

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