Wednesday, 2 May 2012

NHS vetoes alcohol licence

Another excellent post from Christopher Snowdon: 
The news from Scotland is, as usual, not good...
Alcohol licences rejected after warning from NHS over health concerns 
A supermarket and two independent retailers have had their alcohol licence application rejected after objections from the local health board.
Sainsbury’s wanted to open a new store in the Cowgate, Edinburgh as part of the development of a site which was destroyed by a fire in 2002. NHS Lothian warned the Edinburgh Licensing Board that granting the licence went against the protection of public health.
Are you kidding me? What kind of moron would give bureaucrats from the NHS the power to reject planning applications?
The Scottish Government have recently given health boards the chance to object to new licences.
Oh, sweet devolution. This is local option for the twenty-first century—the preferred halfway house for would-be prohibitionists since time immemorial.
As usual, I recommend the whole article.

I was reminded of another news item, this one from the zealots at the BBC:

Are beer firms to blame for Native American drink woe?

For generations, the dream of a sober society has eluded one of the largest Native American tribes in the US.
Members of the Oglala Sioux tribe, living in South Dakota's Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, have long tried to shut down the beer stores just across the state line in White Clay, Nebraska.
It's always the fault of those evil profit-makers on the supply side.  Restrict supply, and everything will be fine.
Possessing and drinking alcohol has been totally banned in Pine Ridge reservation for more than 100 years, except for a short period in the 1970s. Nevertheless, bootlegging on the reservation is said to be rampant.
Never mind that some people have pretty miserable lives, from which alcohol and drugs are the only escape.  We can't trust the plebs to make decisions for themselves.

Nanny knows best.

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