Monday, 30 July 2012

Fixing finder

Although it is superior to Microsoft Windows in almost every way, there are some very annoying things about OSX that Apple have been slow to fix.

For over a decade, it was only possible to resize windows using the bottom right hand corner. This was finally fixed last year with 10.7 ("Lion").

Another long-standing weak point is Finder, the OSX file browser. It was unspeakably bad in 10.3 (my first version of OSX), and it has progressed only gradually.

Today I discovered that one of its most annoying features can now be fixed through a preference:

"When performing a search ... Search the Current Folder"

You'd think it would be obvious. Instead, OSX defaults to searching your entire computer!

Now if they'd just prevent windows from stealing focus, and force them to have a maximise option that really does maximise, I'll be a happy man.

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