Thursday, 31 March 2011

A fair deal for motorists

BBC Breakfast today reported that the cost of fixing Britain's potholes could run to £10 billion. Clearly the problem has been building up for some time. But how does income from motorists compare with expenditure for their benefit?

The 2011 budget shows that in 2009-10, the government extracted £26.2 billion in Fuel Duties, and £5.6 billion in Vehicle Excise Duties. Even without considering the VAT on fuel, cars, car parts, and maintenance, we're looking at over £31 billion.

Of that £31 billion, how much is spent repairing roads?

This spreadsheet from the Department for Transport shows maintenance expenditure by road class for 2009/10:

All purpose trunk roads and motorways£1.3 billion
Non-trunk roads£3.2 billion
Local authority motorway and 'A' roads£1.1 billion
Local authority other roads£2.1 billion
TOTAL£7.7 billion

So what happened to the other £23.3 billion?

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