Saturday, 4 June 2011

Captain Euro

I'm grateful to Daniel Hannan for highlighting the sinister absurdity of our continental overlords.

According to the Captain Euro website:
Since the launch, Captain Euro and Twelve Stars have raised major media interest in the European and international press, from the UK to Italy, from Japan to the U.S., Twelve Stars and the new super-hero of Europe have appeared on many television and radio programmes, newspapers and magazines making it to the cover several times. Captain Euro, the Euro mascot, is being used by television networks in programmes relating to the Euro currency (BBC and BBC World, RTL Germany, REUTERS Worldwide, CNBC Europe, KNET Belgium, FUJI TV Japan, CNN, Channel 4, and more...). Captain Euro is establishing itself as the super-hero mascot of Europe.
Hannan writes:
One of the unexpected pleasures of parenthood is reading Brussels propaganda to your children. The material is unintentionally hilarious, and will soon have your progeny shrieking with laughter. Little ones enjoy The Raspberry Ice Cream War, which tells the tale of a group of intrepid youngsters who travel back in time to a barbarous age where there are still sovereign states, and teach the inhabitants to scrap their borders.

Older ones prefer Troubled Waters, a Tintin-style cartoon strip, whose heroine is a foxy MEP. Among the lines of dialogue are: “You can laugh! Wait until you’ve seen my amendments to the Commission proposal!” and, “I seem to spend my whole life on the train between Brussels and Strasbourg, but I’d hate to have to choose between mussels and chips and Strasbourg onion tart!”
It really is as ridiculous as anything on Eurovision, but it's not purely a laughing matter:
What is the EU’s agenda here? Well, a few years ago, I stumbled across an internal Commission report that concluded as follows: “Children can perform a messenger function in conveying the message to the home environment. Young people will often in practice act as go-betweens with the older generations, helping them embrace the euro.”

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