Monday, 13 June 2011

Tebbit: Why doesn't Rowan Williams speak out about illiteracy, immigration and the undemocratic rule of Brussels?

Another superb contribution from Lord Tebbit:

I have been thinking over the weekend of what the Archbishop of Canterbury has been saying. First of all – as I made clear last week – I would say that he has a right to consider in public such contentious political issues. Whether it was well judged for him to do so and whether he was right in his comments are very different matters. Indeed, he might recollect that when Archbishop Runcie made not dissimilar remarks in the 1980s, Margaret Thatcher was re-elected with a hugely increased majority not long afterwards.

It is not so much that I disagree with his criticisms of Gove’s educational reforms, or Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms, but that the Archbishop seems unaware of the rising tide of illiteracy and innumeracy, as spending on schools was increased over many years, and of the rise of welfare dependency which has been rotting society.

Of course he was right to be concerned at the very nature of coalition government. However to say that it is undemocratic without turning his attention to the far, far, greater loss of democracy to Our Unelected Masters in Brussels, and to NuLab decision to inflict uncontrolled, uncounted immigration and the so called multicultural society on the British people against their overwhelming opposition is a failure on the part of the Archbishop to have spoken out when he should have done.

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