Friday, 26 August 2011

Grade inflation

A good article from Katharine Birbalsingh:

When interviewed about the ever-improving A-level results last week, Andy Burnham said, ‘I think that young people these days are just working harder than they were in my day.’ He then went on to explain that he knows this because he visits schools and can see how hard children are working.

Presumably this means that every year, for the last 29 years, our 17-year-old children have been working harder and harder. It seems odd that somehow, 29 years ago, we rigged it so that every year, our children would work hard enough so that they were working harder than the year before, but not quite hard enough so as to deny room for the following year to improve on the previous year’s work.

I recommend the whole article.

Personally, I think the best course may be to do away with standardized testing altogether, and let universities set their own entrance criteria.

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