Saturday, 13 August 2011

Demingifying Lion's Address Book and iCal

I'm still greatly enjoying OSX Lion.

I've disabled the "Show Dashboard as Space" option, but have otherwise stuck largely with the defaults. "Natural" scroll now feels truly natural, and I confuse myself when using my wife's MacBook.

However, I was truly shocked the first time I opened iCal:
Much as I like The Flintstones, this isn't the sort of interface I want to work with every day.

Address Book (which use much less often) was equally hideous:

Who at Apple thought this would be a good idea? And have they been sacked?

Thankfully the blogosphere has its share of aesthetes, and one of them was good enough to hack this leathery mess into a form more concordant with the beautiful aluminium frame.

Much better!

Many thanks to MacNix.

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