Friday, 16 September 2011

Ban on junk food ads

From 2008:
A ban on adverts for junk food during television programmes aimed at children under 16 has come into force.

Regulator Ofcom has outlawed adverts for foods high in fat, salt and sugar in an effort to tackle rising childhood obesity levels.

But broadcasters say the quality of children's programmes will be hit by the loss of an estimated £39m in advertising revenue.

Health campaigners had called for a complete ban before the 9pm watershed.

The move is the latest stage in a phased crackdown on advertising during programmes aimed at or appealing to children.

In April 2007, junk food ads were banned during programmes made to appeal to seven to nine-year-olds.

The BBC is always talking about this sort of thing, but I hadn't realised that it had actually happened. I must have been distracted that day, busy earning a living, perhaps.

As Christopher Snowdon says, "heaven forbid that parents should have to say no to their own children".

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