Friday, 7 October 2011

Britannia save us

A year ago I wrote:
I recently purchased a few Silver Britannias.

Each contains one troy ounce (31.1g) of fine silver, and has a face value of £2.

The Royal Mint sells them for £22.50.
The Royal Mint is now selling them for £57.50.

I recently purchased some more, but at the more reasonable price of £32.36 from BullionByPost.

The 2011 design isn't nearly as nice as the 2010 (almost as if some subversive lefty has overlaid two symbols of Britain in an effort to deface them both) ...

... but the silver content is the same.

As it happened, BullionByPost initially (and wrongly) advised me that the Britannias would be unavailable for a few weeks, so I ordered an alternative.

It seemed appropriate. And these are some pandas that are worth saving.

Since my purchase, the Wise Men at Threadneedle Street have decided that what this country really needs is more pounds chasing the same goods and services.

Hoarding gold and silver does feel a bit apocalyptic, a bit tinfoil hat, but there is a certain reassurance in the fact that they can't just print more of it. I'm sure some of the savvier citizens of Weimar Germany felt the same way.

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