Saturday, 29 October 2011

Labour resurgent; let the polls be wrong!

I don't know how I missed the news reports at the time, but it seems Labour are actually ahead of the Conservatives in the polls, and have been for some time:

I can imagine very few things worse than our current government, but a Labour majority would surely be among them, especially since we'd be stuck with it until 2020!

I can understand people abandoning the Conservatives. What I can't understand is them turning to Labour. And yet support for that party, which did so much to destroy Britain over its 13 year reign, has risen from 34% in May 2010 to 42% today.

The only potentially encouraging sign is that those intending to vote small has doubled, from 7% shortly after the election to 14% today. The bad news is that as many people seem prepared to vote Green as UKIP.

Source: Reuters/ Ipsos MORI October Political Monitor; Fieldwork: 22-24 October 2011 (PDF)

We have just 3.5 years for the electorate to come to their senses.

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