Friday, 24 September 2010

Chris Huhne is a dangerous man

In his speech to the Liberal Democrat conference, Chris Huhne managed to speak four and a half sentences of sense:
Conference, we face many challenges.

An unfair tax system.

Withered personal freedoms.

The biggest gap between tax and spending in the top 20 developed economies.

But when we have got the deficit down, and the economy up, when the Freedom Bill is law and millions more low-paid are taken out of tax ...
That sounds like progress! ... A good start ... What next?

Even lower taxes? An even smaller state? Repeal of anti-discrimination legislation? Freedom from the EU? Localism? A written constitution that protects citizens against the state?

No. According to Chris Huhne, the single biggest remaining issue will be ... (drumroll) ... that "we will still face the prospect of runaway climate change".

Oh dear.

Whatever the science says (and it is far from settled), any actions we take here in the UK won't make the blindest bit of difference to global warming. They might, however, have disastrous consequences for our economy.

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