Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Tebbit on immigration

Lord Tebbit writes:
In the last full year of NuLab’s programme to destroy what the leading Left-wing Labour MP Jon Cruddas called “English conservative common culture”, immigration accelerated as 567,000 foreigners were admitted. That brought up the total since 1997 to more than three million. Those are the official figures. There can be little doubt that the total is greater than that.

In the year to June more than 360,000 foreign students were admitted here to study, an increase of 35 per cent over the previous twelve months. As we all know, many of those are simply job-seekers pretending to be students. If one adds to that the fact that a quarter of births in England and Wales are now to mothers born overseas (and in the London Borough of Brent the figure is over 75 per cent) then it is clear that irrespective of whether such a massive change in the population of Britain is a good or bad thing, it is a real thing which affects the British people who were not asked for their consent to it.

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