Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Oxford's 20 limits, one year on

I've written previously about Oxford's ridiculous speed limits.

I hadn't realised that they've been with us for a year now ... and there's a good reason for that: predictably, everyone is ignoring them.

DRIVERS are still ignoring Oxford’s controversial 20mph speed limits 12 months after they were introduced, an Oxford Mail speed check has shown.

The survey, conducted in Morrell Avenue in East Oxford yesterday, discovered 128 out of 157 vehicles – 81 per cent – were exceeding the limit as the scheme celebrates its first anniversary today.

Those breaking the limit included three black cabs, two private hire taxis and an Oxford City Council City Works pick-up truck.
Three cyclists were detected exceeding 20mph, but they cannot be punished as bikes do not have speedometers.
Of course, there are some people who have to obey the limits:
Colin Prickett, a driving instructor for the AA in Headington, said: “This has to be the most widely ignored speed limit I have ever seen.

“The bullying of my learners has increased, the tailgating has increased, and we’re being overtaken in a more hazardous manner than I’ve ever seen before.”

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