Thursday, 9 September 2010

Cobden Centre Radio

Exciting news from Andy Duncan over at The Cobden Centre:
Everybody’s doing it — even educated fleas are doing it — so we thought we better produce our own multi-media content and produce our own radio show under the glorious and highly imaginative brand name of ‘Cobden Centre Radio’. Our Chief Executive Officer, Tim Evans, graciously allowed me to maul him with a combination of Skype, Audio Hijack Pro, and Garageband, as combined together on a MacBook, for our first ever Cobden Centre Radio Show.
The interview is well worth listening to. Dr Evans explained that he is "not comfortable with the phraseology of Left or Right" and that the Cobden Centre's message of honest money and limited government should appeal to thinking people across the political spectrum:
If you go back a few years to the anti-capitalist movement ... I think many of them ... talked about being against capitalism, but if you actually talked to lots of those people, they too smelt something wrong ... they smelt 'Big Business' ... in bed with the political class.
This point is crucial: our current economic system is not capitalism, it is corporatism. The anger of the Lefties is misdirected.

I've subscribed to the podcast; hopefully there will be much more like this to come.

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