Sunday, 7 November 2010

Alex Deane: BBC presenters go on strike

In a post at CentreRight, Alex Deane has nicely expressed my thoughts about Friday's NUJ strike:
The BBC's "talent" went on strike yesterday. Others stepped in. The news was still read, the airwaves were still filled. I daresay that much that was said was said with less snide self-satisfaction. Those who filled in will come at a fraction of the price of the "talent" who walked.

Am I the only person to whom the obvious analogy occurs? When workers in a far more vital field in the USA - air traffic control - tried to bully their employer and walked out, Ronald Reagan laid them off and put others in their place. Doing so here would be much easier, as there are tons of people who'd love to read the news, become a journalist, etcetera. Indeed, we're always told how difficult it is for people to get into these hallowed halls.

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