Friday, 12 November 2010

Worse than your average thug

Another insightful article from Lord Tebbit:
No doubt our Chinese friends had a pretty good laugh at the TV news showing our happy students in democratic Britain express their delight at their lot by trashing buildings and assaulting the police, but they are too well-mannered to give us the benefit of their advice without being asked. More constructively, perhaps some Islamic states might make some suggestions about how Sharia Law could help us to deal with the hordes of drunken, vomiting, fornicating, fighting fools infesting our city centres on Friday and Saturday nights.
I hope to find time to say more about these ridiculous bourgeois riots, but I'm pleased to hear (via Tom Paine) that Guido has offered £1000 "for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of this man and his accomplices"

These rioters are worse than your average thug, for they are not just amoral, but self-righteous. More on Clare Solomon anon.

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