Friday, 26 November 2010

Saving feels good?

Today we received a letter from ING to say that our "bonus rate" has ended. From now on, we'll be getting their "standard variable savings rate", currently 0.5%.

So what's on offer?
  • A Bonus Saver account at 2.00% until 31 December 2011 ... if we don't make a withdrawal. Make a withdrawal, and the rate drops to 0.40%.
- or -
  • a "range of Fixed Rate Savings Accounts" where we can earn "up to 3.0%" !
This with CPI at 3.2%, RPI at 4.5%, and RPIX at 4.6%.

Of course, that won't stop HMRC from taxing us on the interest!

And ING has the chutzpah to suggest that "Saving feels good".

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