Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Farewell to DK?

When he gave up blogging, Mr Eugenides wrote
what I don't have now is that same hate. The last administration filled me with disgust; the mere sight of my telly of a Charles Clarke, a John Reid, a—God forgive me for even typing the words!—Patricia Hewitt, sent me flying into almost uncontrollable loathing. And without fury, without rage, without spite, this blog is nothing, really—or at least, not what it was—because the way it's written, it is set up for polemic, not placid discussion.

In as far as I owe you anything, it is, I would say, not to confect outrage over things which don't really upset me, not to try and find hate where none exists. I'm in a more placid place, and I think that the country's got at least a fair chance of becoming a better place with that horrendous shower out in the cold; and that's as good a place as any to leave it.
In his eulogy for Mr E, DK wrote
for what it is worth, your humble Devil feels much the same. Unlike my peripatetic but impecunious Greek friend, however, I carry on because... Well, because I want to.
Now it seems that the Devil, too, has tired:
I'll admit that I have suffered from blog fatigue before and I have even previously announced my retirement. I will even admit that I found that doing so—being released from the need to write—actually returned to me the desire to do so. And it may be the same this time too.

But, the way I am feeling at present, it is looking a little unlikely.
When I saw Chris at the Libertarian Alliance conference, he wasn't quite ready to give up on blogging, but he confessed that he got more satisfaction these days from speaking at universities. I'm sure he does that very well, but his invective will be missed. I hope he returns one day, refreshed. Either way, I wish him the best.

Tom Paine has posted a tribute. With what may be the Devil's Last Post, I am all the more grateful for the return of The Last Ditch.

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