Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Fined £500k for not flying EU flag

More mind-boggling news:
Fines for failing to display the EU flag and logos should be scrapped, a government minister said yesterday.

Brussels has imposed financial penalties of almost £500,000 on councils, museums, universities, travel firms and business groups.
The fines relate to money given to the UK by the European Regional Development Fund since 2000. The fund has contributed to dozens of schemes including the Eden Project, in Cornwall, the Millennium Bridge in Gateshead and the redevelopment of Liverpool’s King’s Dock.
Nasty Brits not showing their gratitude for all that 'EU money'?
Typically, funding is matched pound for pound by the UK. But Britain is a net contributor to the EU budget and critics have long complained that ERDF cash is essentially recycled taxpayers’ money.

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