Thursday, 14 July 2011

A taste of EuroNanny

I decided to follow some of the links in the article featured in my previous post.

It didn't take long to find something truly astounding ...

Need advice on how to stop yourself from being tempted?

EuroNanny to the rescue:

These ones were pretty special:
Tobacco is expensive!
Whether bought in packs or hand-rolled, cigarettes are expensive and can quickly put young people or even whole families into debt.
Tobacco is a drug!
Tobacco rapidly generates a form of addiction that is very hard to escape. Even the first cigarette, often lit to be part of a group, can be dangerous.
But they save the best for last:
Tobacco is out of fashion!
Young people often associate tobacco with an adolescent form of rebellion against authority. Smoking is also forbidden in many public places and has become an act that now needs to be carried out secretly, in isolation, while clearly knowing the dangers one is exposing oneself to. Smokers can also appear irresponsible, individualistic, and uncaring for those around them.

Individualistic! We certainly can't be having any of that!

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