Sunday, 25 July 2010

A £250k new identity for Jon Venables?

The Telegraph reports:

Venables could be out of prison in a year despite admitting downloading and distributing violent pornographic images of children as young as two — the same age as James when he was murdered in 1993.

Venables’s current alias is now so widely known that the Ministry of Justice accepts that it is “inevitable” he will have to be given a second new identity at public expense.

The cost of providing him with a new birth certificate, national insurance number and other identity documents is put at £250,000, with close supervision from probation officers on his release costing another £1 million per year.
Even for our hopelessly inefficient justice system, these figures seem implausible, but whatever the costs, it is sick that there is such determination to see this killer roaming free. He has no right to a second chance, much less a third. He should die in jail.

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