Saturday, 17 July 2010

An end to fake charity?

The BBC reports:

Charities have warned cuts in local authority funding in England may threaten services they provide.

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) says some councils see them as a soft target for saving money and need to understand the impact these cuts have on vulnerable people.

The government has said cuts are unavoidable but other provisions are being made to help charities.

One in three pounds of charity money comes from government.

The voluntary sector magazine, Third Sector, estimates almost £13bn comes to charities from state sources.

Real charity involves individuals freely giving money to causes they believe in. State charity is immoral and wasteful. It is immoral because it involves confiscated wealth, spent on causes that taxpayers may not believe in, or may actually be opposed to (such as Christians forced to subsidise abortion clinics). It is wasteful because it involves spending other people's money on third parties, which means there are no incentives to get value for money.

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