Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Death of BBC not imminent

The Register reports:
"What we've said very clearly is that we accept the principle of the licence fee, the idea of a household tax to fund broadcasting that is ring-fenced," culture secretary Jeremy Hunt told the Andrew Marr Show on BBC television yesterday. "We think that one of the reasons we have some of the best TV and broadcasting in the world in this country is because we have these different streams of income including the licence, including subscription income and including advertising."
I'm the first to admit that the BBC produces some of the best TV in the world. Unfortunately, they also squander billions of pounds on crap programmes, and they display consistent political bias.

I expect that if the BBC were split and sold, people would voluntarily pay for the good bits, but if the British people don't value "the best TV and broadcasting in the world" enough to choose to pay for it, the government shouldn't be forcing it on them.

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