Sunday, 4 July 2010

"Deprived" or poor

If you were looking for a neutral word to describe the less well-off members of our society, 'poor' would fit the bill.

In modern British Newspeak, however, the preferred term is 'deprived'. It has shocking connotations. It conveys not just a statement of fact, but a suggestion of culpability: if you are 'deprived' then you have been deprived.

The obvious follow-on questions, usually left floating about one's subconscious, are "of what?" and "by whom?".

Lefties presumably think that those who are 'deprived' have been deprived of their human right to a life of comfort by the exploitative rich (that word is okay, apparently; the intelligentsia did not feel any need to rebrand 'rich').

It is a perfect example of how our language has been hijacked.

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