Thursday, 29 April 2010

A broadcast from the Popular Front?

Gerald Warner writes:
Tonight’s final televised “debate”, which is expected to focus upon (ie tiptoe around) the forbidden topics of immigration and the public deficit, will be an iconic demonstration of the liberal/left consensus at work. Britain is now ruled by a Popular Front, on the model of those 1930s leftist coalitions in France, Spain and elsewhere which maintained themselves in power by combining Communists, Anarchists and all the other varieties of Marxist delusionaries who had previously dissipated their energies in arguing over how many members of the proletariat could stand on the point of a pin.

This artificial coalition enabled them to impose their Marxist, socialist, anti-national and, above all, anti-Christian, prejudices upon entire nations. Where the analogy falters in today’s Britain is that, in the 1930s, Popular Front governments generally faced vigorous oppositions. In this country today, the Tories have joined the culturally Marxist coalition, leading to the disenfranchisement of the majority of the nation.
I wish I could dismiss this as a wild-eyed diatribe from an embittered Christian conspiracy theorist, but there is a troublesome ring of truth to it.

If British democracy does descend into outright dictatorship, there will be plenty of precedent for our decline and fall.

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