Thursday, 22 April 2010

Eurocrats salivate at Clegg ascendancy

Via Daniel Hannan, I came across a post in the FT blogs by Tony Barber:
Viewed from Brussels, the rise of Nick Clegg and his Liberal Democrats in Britain’s election campaign is a fantasy come true. For most of its 37 years in the European Union, Britain has been the bloc’s most awkward, cussed member-state. Now, the unthinkable is happening. Britain’s opinion polls are topped by a party whose leader spent five years working at the European Commission and another five years as a MEP in the European Parliament. Gott am Himmel! A Brit who actually understands the place!
Considered alongside the Lib Dem's enthusiasm for the EU, and their broken referendum pledge, their talk of political reform in the UK is ludicrous. What does it matter how our rump parliament is elected, or whether the rubber stampers in our upper house are elected at all, when ever-increasing responsibility is ceded to Brussels?

Vote Clegg, get Van Rompuy.

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