Saturday, 10 April 2010

Political correctness and the Great Ignored

On the day the election was announced, Gerald Warner wrote:
The great charade begins, for that is what this election is. The “modernising” of the Conservative Party has deprived the electorate of choice. As the weasel terms “centre-right” and “centre-left” indicate, the two main parties have informally merged into one: the consensual Centre. Anyone advocating a programme that departs from the EU-approved, soft-totalitarian liberal-left is branded as “far-right”. The filleting of the Tory Party of any philosophical core by the Cameronian gang has left it an empty husk, manipulated by the Pavlovian reflexes of Political Correctness.
It is a sad spectacle indeed. Even those who don't live in a safe Labour seat do not have the option of voting for a true conservative.

Political Correctness is an evil force that is now beyond satire.

Laura Midgley, co-founder of the Campaign Against Political Correctness, has written an excellent article for Critical Reaction. The brilliance is in the fact that she gives voice to those who supposedly benefit from our PC culture, with quotes from decent people who want to be treated as individuals, rather than members of 'underprivileged' groups. We hear from a female journalist, an Asian councillor, a black police constable, and a gay actor.

Midgley concludes:
I want this piece to show that those who push political correctness often do so without the consent or agreement of the particular group they seek to “protect”. Second hand offence and indignation on behalf on another has become the norm. At best these are well intentioned but misguided efforts. At worst they are part of a dangerous, controlling trend resulting in social engineering which is going to take a long time to unpick and put right.
Those who doubt the seriousness of the problem should consider the furore over Chris Grayling's recent comments.

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