Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Voluntary sterilisation for drug addicts

On BBC News this morning I learned of a US programme called "Project Prevention":
If you call Project Prevention's helpline it's likely that Barbara Harris, the founder of this US based organisation, will answer the phone. A warm and vivacious grandmother, her aim is to give $300 to as many drug and alcohol addicted women as possible.

The deal? That they receive long term contraception or sterilisation to prevent them having children she believes they are unable or unwilling to care for. Funded through private donations, her organisation is non-profit making.

Project Prevention, started in 1997, says it has paid money out to 3,242 addicts, or clients as it prefers to call them. Most of them were women and 1,226 were permanently sterilised. Thirty-five men have had vasectomies.
I would go further, and say that any adult — addict or not — who is willing to accept freely-given money in exchange for voluntary sterilisation, should be allowed to.

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