Friday, 16 April 2010

Norman Tebbit's choice cuts

One of the most farcical features of the first leaders' debate was Gordon Brown's insistence that even a 1% cut to the public sector would be bad for the economy, and disatrous to public services. On this topic, Cameron had the right rhetoric, but a grossly inadequate prescription.

Writing for Critical Reaction, Norman Tebbit serves up a dose of well-articulated common sense:

It is perfectly possible to make substantial reductions in public spending without bringing an end to life as we know it.

After all, things were not that bad three, or even five years ago, or over twenty years ago. Hospitals were open, children went to school — and even learned to read and write. Criminals — at least some of them — were brought to justice, dustbins emptied, potholes filled and the streets were lit and most people had jobs.

So we could, if we had a mind to, turn the clock back and reduce the size and cost of government to what served us reasonably well in the recent past.

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