Monday, 12 April 2010

UK Debt Clock Tour

The TaxPayers' Alliance have launched their UK Debt Clock Tour.
The custom-built clock, is one metre high by seven metres long, and mounted on the back of a 14m lorry. Its 80cm (32 inch) red LED display will count up the nation’s debt at a breakneck speed:
  • £5,169 per second
  • £310,212 per minute
  • £18,607,306 per hour
  • £446,575,342 per day
The Debt Clock will start the tour on the morning of Monday 12th April showing a national debt figure of £781,512,328,767 and by the time the tour ends on Monday 26th April, it will have climbed to £788,210,958,904 a staggering increase of £6,698,630,137.

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