Friday, 14 May 2010

2009 Daily Politics poll on the EU

Through Norman Tebbit's blog, I discovered a poll by the BBC's Daily Politics programme from 18 March 2009:
Full Results:

1. The current economic crisis has made me more likely to support Britain joining the Euro

Agree- 31%

Disagree- 64%

2. Britain benefits overall from membership of the European Union in terms of jobs and trade

Agree- 44%

Disagree- 51%

3. Britain should leave the EU but maintain close trading links

Agree- 55%

Disagree- 41%

4. The British people should decide in a vote before Britain transfers any further power to the European Union

Agree- 84%

Disagree- 13%

The poll was undertaken by ComRes on behalf of BBC2's Daily Politics programme
It would be interesting to know what the results would be if the poll were repeated today.

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