Saturday, 8 May 2010

More of the same? Yes please, say Scots

The UK has suffered terribly under 13 years of Labour, and the English, especially in the south, have roundly rejected Gordon Brown, with 87 Labour MPs sent packing.

In contrast, the Scots seems quite happy with the status quo.

Not a single seat has changed hands. Of 59 seats, only one is held by the Conservatives. The rest are firmly socialist. Such a state could not survive on its own.

Centuries on, the cross-border raids continue. Using wealth transferred from the south, Holyrood has chosen to abolish university tuition fees and prescription charges, while Scottish MPs in Westminster have voted down such pork barrel policies in England.

With media attention focused on electoral reform, the exploitation of England by Scotland has received little attention, but the West Lothian Question is well overdue for resolution.

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