Friday, 7 May 2010

Guido's Change Coalition

Guido Fawkes continues to support a coalition between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats:
Now is an historic opportunity to reform politics for the better, to open up politics and government, to roll back an authoritarian state. If the Tory right is too small minded to allow Cameron to do a deal with Clegg then they are as stupid as they are short-sighted. This is an historic opportunity to realign politics along a liberal-conservative axis. It is the chance to destroy the Labour Party as a party of government forever. If the price is real reform of the electoral system then that is a price well worth paying to free us from the economic destruction wrought time and time again, decade after decade, by a statist, big government Labour Party. Fraser Nelson, the editor of the Spectator, says he will fight Cameron.

Don’t do it my friend, at least see what deal is on the table, this is the chance to achieve Margaret Thatcher’s ultimate ambition of two competing non-socialist parties of government.

While I understand there are libertarians finding most-unlikely sanctuary under the Lib Dem umbrella, the party also contains plenty of nasty socialists, europhiles, nanny-statists, and eco-freaks.

Judging by his responses to the TheyWorkForYou survey, I certainly wouldn't have trusted my failed Lib Dem PPC, Stephen Goddard, to "roll back an authoritarian state".

Indeed, I can imagine plenty of Lib Dems refusing to work with the Tories, and possibly even crossing over to Labour.

Time will tell.

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