Monday, 10 May 2010

Gordon finally gives up

From the BBC:
Gordon Brown has said he is stepping down as Labour Party leader.

Mr Brown, prime minister since 2007, said he wanted a successor to be in place by the time of the party's conference in September.
It was good of him to stick around long enough to lose the election. It will be interesting to see which vile New Labourite takes his place. Balls is probably out of the running after nearly losing his seat. Miliband the bug-eyed freak has long been considered a contender, but I can't really see it myself. I can imagine the old brute Alan Johnson playing better with Old Labour types, despite being a staunch supporter of Brown. If Labour want to stick with their equality and diversity mantra, Harriet Harman is the obvious choice, but I'm not sure their core voters have progressed enough to accept a woman as leader.

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