Saturday, 1 May 2010

LPUK candidate Martin Cullip

Martin Cullip, writing for The Free Society, explains why he's pursuing the seemingly futile course of standing for a small party:
We are three leaders’ debates down and acres of column inches have been dedicated to the election, yet still there is barely a word from politicians about the restoration of civil liberties and personal freedoms which are much lamented by vast swathes of the public who feel they have no way of protest.

Common law, which used to underpin our society through the court system, has been replaced by a regime of legislative micro-management of every aspect of our lives.

The answer to every problem – and every unintended consequence of previous legislation – is not repeal or amendment, but a blinkered belief that the only way forward is more regulation, more laws, more bureaucracy, more bans and more infantilising state intervention.

I recommend the whole article.

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