Thursday, 6 May 2010

Critical Reaction: What will the DUP Want?

This from Critical Reaction:
As poll after poll says the same thing – David Cameron’s flawed five year election plan still hasn’t done enough, even with just under 48 hours to go – what’s the best option in a hung parliament for us? Almost certainly, Peter Robinson’s DUP. The numbers speak for themselves, and after reflecting upon them, we need to consider how best we accommodate ourselves to the brute facts we could so very soon be facing.
A deal with the DUP will inevitably involve special protection against cuts that the UK must necessarily face, but it sounds like the sums involved aren't huge, and that the DUP aren't all bad:
If what they want is a (relatively) small sum of money, what won’t they want? David Trimble for one. Whatever slim hopes he had of being in the cabinet will evaporate if the DUP hold the balance of power on 7th May. They’re also, of course, parliament’s foremost Eurosceptical party, to the point of actually being withdrawalist rather than merely ‘sceptical’.
Interesting times ahead.

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