Sunday, 16 May 2010

David Cameron the Liberal Conservative

David Cameron, in an interview with Andrew Marr this morning:
We do believe between us that there needs to be more freedom in our society, and the state has got too big and too bossy ... I've always described myself as a liberal conservative, liberal because I believe in freedom and human rights, but conservative — I'm sceptical of great schemes to remake the world.
'Liberal' is one of those words that has been terribly abused over the last few decades, and like 'progressive', it now has some very bad connotations. We must wait and see by his actions how David Cameron interprets these terms.

The talk of 'human rights', however, is not promising. I'd like to see a clear statement from David Cameron that 'negative rights' are the only legitimate ones, but I'm not sure he really believes this, and I certainly don't expect him to openly declare it.

Again, we must wait and judge him by his actions.

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  1. "but I'm not sure he really believes this"

    I doubt if he would have any idea of what you're talking about.