Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Tebbit on Scotland

Norman Tebbit writes:

I am concerned that so many of my fellow English citizens are ready to give up on Scotland. That would delight our friends on the mainland of Europe. It was an objective of French foreign policy for many years. A weaker United Kingdom would be a stronger government in Brussels. The Scots are not natural socialists. They are a sturdy self-reliant lot outside the welfare colonies in Glasgow. What Scotland needs is a Right of centre Scottish Unionist Party, and for my party to pack up north of the border.

As one who is ready to give up on Scotland, but who fears the advantage this would give to the EU, I think the "Scottish Unionist Party" idea has merit — with the Conservative brand so toxic in Scotland, this new party could be a good way for "sturdy self-reliant" Scots to express their contempt for Labour and the SNP. If Tebbit is right, the opportunity for this new party may arise sooner rather than later.

All my previous concerns about transfer payments and the West Lothian Question still stand, of course, and I'm still inclined towards a federal structure.

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